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How do you like jadclipse?

Posted in Uncategorized by mcgyver5 on June 5, 2009

I installed jadclipse to see if it was a way to view source of all the libraries I use but don’t have the source code for.

Installation is simple, with the small extra step of downloading jad and telling eclipse where to find the jad.exe. (Window –> Preferences –> Java –> Decompilers –> Jad)

All the jad command line options are represented in the jad dialog.

inner classes and static blocks were decompiled just fine. I did notice that jad left out any braces in if-then blocks that weren’t needed. Nitpicking a bit here, but I can’t read code without braces. The braces were put in when I checked the “show redundant braces” options, but not until I restarted eclipse.

Finally, some classes seem to have a stuck setting causing them to open in class viewer. For instance, Struts Action gets decompiled just fine, but Struts DispatchAction just shows itself in that awful class viewer. Restarting Eclipse made this problem go away too.

Big thumbs up for this very useful eclipse plugin.

thumbs up

thumbs up


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