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DRPL: definitely broken

Posted in Uncategorized by mcgyver5 on July 28, 2009

The Denied and Restricted Parties List (DRPL) is kind of a No-Fly list for export restrictions and since Sun has some encryption related technology, it is a national security concern that someone might take the SCJP exam.

After initially being informed that my request to take the exam was denied, today I got an email from SUN saying that I’m not, after all, someone who might do bad stuff.
here is some background email that was attached to my email:

The following individual, as a result of screening, has been identified as being as a potentially non-compliant export customer:

Search Key: US2121923
First and Last Name: Tim McGuire

City: St. Paul

Country: US

Result of DRPL check: Detected

Date and time of denial: Mon Jul 27 10:10:15 MDT 2009

Course Order Numbers: No Numbers Generated.

Reason for denial: Not Available from service.

From here and here I see that a bunch of people have been inconvenienced and aggravated to varying degrees because some mouth breather hasn’t figured out that no-fly lists are a fake idea. Imagine if Macy’s did a surprise sniff test on every 100th customer in their underwear department? This is just like that.


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