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IntelliJ Idea: Notes on switching

Posted in Uncategorized by mcgyver5 on December 19, 2009

I recently switched over from working primarily with Eclipse/ MyEclipse and these are some large and small obstacles and how to overcome them.

  1. I want to ignore persistence framework errors. Go to Project Structure –> JPA facet Delete Data Sources Mappings (but not JPA Configuration Descriptor!)
  2. Web application doesn’t reflect changes to html, xhtml, jsp, etc. Go to Project Structure –> Java EE build settings. Make sure Exploded Directory Project compile output path is the same one the server is using (ie where your project lives on disk) Also make sure compile output path is the same as where your project lives and not some crazy intelliJ invented directory..
  3. I want editor to be linked with menu, like in Eclipse. This is autoscroll from source, a button in the top row of the project pane.
  4. I used Ctrl-shift R (for resource) all the time in Eclipse. In IntelliJ IDEA, the same function is CTRL-Shift-N (for name)
  5. Auto complete does not work! In my case, this was due to the La Clojure plugin (0.2.172) When I disabled this plugin and restarted, autocomplete (and several other features) came back. A web search on this turned up nothing. Maybe now it will.
  6. How to integrate CVS
    • If CVS is not connected, go to Version Control –> –> CVS –> Configure CVS Roots –> Test Connection. This appeared to reset the connection for me.
    • To Setup CVS repo Version Control –> CVS –> configure CVS Roots –> click “plus” button to make a new root. Enter your cvs info
    • Import existing project into your IntellJ IDEA File –> open project –> browse to find .pom file
  7. How to get vim keyboard mappings in intelliJ. go to settings –> plugins –> available –> right click on IDEAVIM to install. The step I skipped screwed me up big time: You must copy the keymap file according to these directions.
  8. I hacked the authentication mechanism on an app so I wouldn’t have to log in every time during testing, and I was afraid I might accidentally commit it to CVS. So I had to ensure this file never got mixed in with the rest of our code. This is a CVS question rather than an IntelliJ IDEA question, but the answer is to create a new branch. Right-click on file –>CVS–>create branch (name it “DEAD_BRANCH” or something) and check the “Switch to this branch” box. The next time you go to commit that file or the directory it is in, that file will show up as [switched to tag DEAD_BRANCH] and if committed, will only be committed to that branch, so that your co-workers, when they update, will not get your screwed up file.
  9. Keystroke goodness. The following keystrokes are indispensable. For a complete keystroke chart, go to help –> keystroke reference
    • move lines or blocks of code. This comes in handy on almost a daily basis and for some reason isn’t in the keystroke chart. Ctrl-Shift up arrow moves a line or selected block up. Ctrl-shift down arrow moves a line down. If it does not work, try hitting escape.
    • IntelliJ has a history of clipboard (buffer) contents. To paste from it, use Ctrl-Shift-V
    • Rename: Shift -F6
    • Generate Getters and Setters: Alt-Insert
    • Find usages: alt-F7
    • Duplicate Line or selection: Ctrl-D.

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